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Boondocker Performance parts for your snow bike

Boondocker turbo systems
The turbo kit by BoonDocker is characterized by ease of installation, clean fit, and turn-key operation.

The turbo package includes a premium Garrett turbocharger providing excellent throttle responsiveness. The kit also includes an extruded aluminum intercooler to maintain low charge air temperatures and a high quality muffler to provide a great sound.

Along with all of the mechanical components necessary for installation, the kit also includes an electronic control box that allows the rider to add and subtract fuel based on RPM levels and throttle position. While the control box automatically compensates for changes in altitude and barometric pressure, the rider can manually control the boost level on the fly.

This complete turbo kit comes ready to install and sure to impress. Note that all BoonDocker snowbike turbo kits are designed around the TimberSled Standard Track and TimberSled Long Track.

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Turbo kits currently available for the following dirt bike models -
- KTM 450/500 2015 & up                                   
- Kawasaki KXF450 2011 & up                                - Yamaha YZ450 2010 & up