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KMS Turbo systems for your snow bike

Rear mount turbo systems
- Out performs the competition's rear mount kits by 20HP at the same level of boost and weighs 20% less
- Offers the most rpm range of usable boost of any rear mount system and makes the least amount of lag
- This makes for a very clean look, lightweight feel, and offers the balls you need in the deep and tight stuff!

Front mount turbo systems
- If you're looking for the biggest power on a snowbike, this front mount is it
- Sharing the same weight as the competition's rear mount, the front mount system will make more area horsepower than any rear mount
- The math is simple, the closer the turbo is to the exhaust valves the lower the rpm it will make boost, thus power
- These systems will start to produce boost as low as 3000 rpm and spool instantly

Turbo kits currently available for the following dirt bike models -
- Honda CRF450 2009 & up                                   - KTM 450/500 2012 & up
- Husaberg FE450/570                                          - Suzuki RMZ450 2008 & up                                   
- Kawasaki KXF450 2009 & up                                - Yamaha YZ450 2010 & up